Edmonton Community Kindergarten trades fizzy drink for water

All Edmonton Community Kindergarten family and fundraising events will now be free of sugary drinks!

May 10, 2016

Working with Healthy Families Waitakere, the kindergarten agreed to trial ‘water only’ at a recent Family Fun Night which also incorporated healthier food options such as fruit kebabs, and swapping out white bread for wheatmeal at the sausage sizzle.  

Children and teachers at Edmonton Community Kindy, with water

It has been a really positive change for the kindergarten to make and Brittany Stevens, an Edmonton Community kindergarten teacher says “We believe that by making the children more aware and teaching them to feed themselves right will help them to make healthier choices to make them healthy and strong for life”.

Next steps for kindergarten staff and their committee are to formalise the policy to become a ‘water-only’ kindergarten.

Meanwhile Edmonton Community Kindergarten is also working towards gaining Silver in the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Award - an initiative that emphasises healthy lunchboxes and creating a health promoting early childhood environment.

Healthy Families Waitakere Manager, Kerry Allan celebrated the leadership taken by Edmonton Community Kindergarten and encourages all Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings to take on the challenge to become ‘water-only’.

“We are supportive of local champions who are creating healthy changes in their education setting and this has been a good test case for improving health in an Early Childhood Education setting where it is run and supported by committee”.

Healthy Families Waitakere are encouraging more ECEs and education settings to get on board with the water-only movement and utilise the resources provided by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to increase health promoting environments for their children.